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DANC-133-60 (Reg Code: 604801)
Dance Performance Workshop I Units: 1.0
Course Description:
Grade only. [Prerequisite: DANC 129, 130, 131, or 132, or equivalent. Limitation on Enrollment: Enrollment subject to assessment of ability to perform choreography. Assessment will be conducted the first week of class meeting.] Emphasizes the rehearsing of dances selected for performance in semi-annual dance production and the learning of the fundamentals of staging dance and dance performance. Requires attendance at rehearsals and performances. [D; CSU; UC]

Primary: Y Class Name DANC-133-60
Primary: N Class Name DANC-134-60
Primary: N Class Name DANC-135-60
Primary: N Class Name DANC-136-60

Max 36 Enrolled 26 Open 10 Waiting 0
Instructor: D..
Class meets from 10/22/18 to 11/10/18
Last day to ADD: 10/25/2018
Location: Chula Vista Campus
FSA 06:45PM to 10:35PM Room: 615 LAB

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