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DANC-145-80 (Reg Code: 603408)
African Dance I Units: 1.5
Course Description:
Grade only. Introduces beginning level dance skills and traditional dance steps for African cultural dances including the background and significant meaning of the dances. [D; CSU; UC]

Primary: Y Class Name DANC-145-80
Primary: N Class Name DANC-146-80
Primary: N Class Name DANC-147-80
Primary: N Class Name DANC-148-80

Max 24 Enrolled 0 Open 24 Waiting 0
Instructor: Atule, A.
Class meets from 01/29/18 to 05/25/18
Last day to ADD: 2/11/2018
Location: HEC - San Ysidro
MW 10:10AM to 10:35AM Room: 5103 LEC
M 10:35AM to 11:25AM Room: 5104 LAB
W 10:35AM to 11:40AM Room: 5104 LAB

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