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DANC - 109Modern Dance I1.5
DANC - 110Modern Dance II1.5
DANC - 111Modern Dance III1.5
DANC - 112Modern Dance IV1.5
DANC - 113Ballet I1.5
DANC - 114Ballet II1.5
DANC - 115Ballet III1.5
DANC - 116Ballet IV1.5
DANC - 117Jazz Dance I1.5
DANC - 118Jazz Dance II1.5
DANC - 119Jazz Dance III1.5
DANC - 120Jazz Dance IV1.5
DANC - 129Dance Rehearsal Workshop I1.0
DANC - 130Dance Rehearsal Workshop II1.0
DANC - 131Dance Rehearsal Workshop III1.0
DANC - 132Dance Rehearsal Workshop IV1.0
DANC - 133Dance Performance Workshop I1.0
DANC - 134Dance Performance Workshop II1.0
DANC - 135Dance Performance Workshop III1.0
DANC - 136Dance Performance Workshop IV1.0
DANC - 141Latin Dance I1.5
DANC - 142Latin Dance II1.5
DANC - 143Latin Dance III1.5
DANC - 144Latin Dance IV1.5
DANC - 150Tap I1.5
DANC - 151Tap Dance II1.5
DANC - 152Tap Dance III1.5
DANC - 153Tap Dance IV1.5
DANC - 160Lyrical Variations I1.5
DANC - 161Lyrical Variations II1.5
DANC - 162Lyrical Variations III1.5
DANC - 163Lyrical Variations IV1.5
DANC - 170Hip Hop I1.5
DANC - 171Hip Hop II1.5
DANC - 172Hip Hop III1.5
DANC - 173Hip Hop IV1.5
DANC - 181Musical Theatre Dance I1.5
DANC - 182Musical Theatre Dance II1.5
DANC - 183Musical Theatre Dance III1.5
DANC - 184Musical Theatre Dance IV1.5
DANC - 190Ballet Folklorico I1.5
DANC - 191Ballet Folklorico II1.5
DANC - 192Ballet Folklorico III1.5
DANC - 193Ballet Folklorico IV1.5
DANC - 200Dance History/Appreciation3.0
DANC - 201Dance Company I2.0
DANC - 202Dance Company II2.0
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